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Please tone down the white out overly-bright patches in the mirror event. They make it impossible to see what is going on and they cause lag when the POV is directed towards them, they are just bad news all around.

My system which runs Win7 x64 with 8Gb DDR3 has an HD 5870 graphics card and a QX9650 @3.00 GHz it is no slouch and is fully DX11 compliant. I shouldnt be seeing this kind of screen lag with a game like this, the bright patches have not been properly implemented. When I turn the POV away from them the lag vanishes.

The same goes for the overly bright planets in exploration missions, though they dont lag as badly, they are a nuisance as you cannot see ships and data samples against them and they are unrealistic often many times brighter than the stars they are supposed to be reflecting.