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07-22-2012, 04:35 AM
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Please tone down the white out overly-bright patches in the mirror event. They make it impossible to see what is going on and they cause lag when the POV is directed towards them, they are just bad news all around.
It's a known problem... whether anything gets done about it is another matter. They're everywhere if you play the KDF side, including in most of the daily dilithium areas.

Originally Posted by boolybooly View Post
The same goes for the overly bright planets in exploration missions, though they dont lag as badly, they are a nuisance as you cannot see ships and data samples against them and they are unrealistic often many times brighter than the stars they are supposed to be reflecting.
That can be partially solved by lowering your gamma levels in the video settings. Don't overdo it though, gamma also effects how bright engines, projectiles and the like appear, so it's a case of balancing the slider in the right place.