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# 17 fixed it! :D
07-22-2012, 07:13 AM
Originally Posted by nathanprowler View Post
before i uninstall i'm going to try one last thing... i suspect that "Avast!" is scanning the files on closing each file and i think that when the game needs the file again Avast! says "nope you'll have to wait untill i finish checking it" and the game throws a temper tantrum...

i am going to see if excluding the game from on closure file scans fixes the problem... if that fails THEN i'll uninstall...
excluding STO from "Avast!"s automatic read, write and excute scans has fixed the problem the game runs for at least 48 hours with no problems now!

solution to problem: NOTE: i have the "talk like a priate mod" active on avast! so text in brackets will be differnet...

Open avast! user interface > (File system shield) > Expert settings > Exclusions > enter following as stated in the highest open slot: C:\Programe Files\Cryptic Studios\* > tick R,W and X tickboxs > Click OK > Uninstall STO > Reinstall STO > allow it to patch > click "ENGAGE"