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07-22-2012, 09:43 AM
I think that's a real shame. The one reason I don't visit my interior is because it's a total eye-sore. If they were redone, I would enjoy just looking around. I know when I play on my TOS character, I LOVE looking around the interior looking at all the little details but if all your ships have the same bland corridors, mess hall and engineering there isn't any point. Hell, the crew don't even wear the right uniforms.

I realise it would take some effort, but if you did it right I think there would be a lot of people, myself included that would be very grateful for it. I know I'd kill for a Galaxy interior which has the same attention to detail as the TOS set and I'd GLADLY pay for it, even though it's something that should be there by right... if it helps the game and means we get quality interiors than it's a price I'm prepared to pay.