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07-22-2012, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by robertcrayven View Post
Wow. So after I blow X amount of dollars in the Z-Store plus spend X number of months on grind, my ability to have a fleet ship is still determined by the whims of the fleet leader who might have quit the game already or is hogging all the ships for himself?
Well either join a fleet who isn't run by a dictator, or make your own fleet. Pretty simple.

Originally Posted by morgansmith View Post
You could look at it as a bad game mechanic OR people could join a fleet that doesn't have a doochy-bag for a leader.
Yes, but its easier for some people just to complain then do anything about it.

Originally Posted by alarikun View Post
... Really, only 200k Dilithium? Well, my fleet members can get that together in just a few days, a week at most. And we're a small fleet (Maybe 6 or 7 members).
Yes I am liking that too so far, means small and medium sized fleets are in a near equal footing with the larger fleets.