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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
No, we built the super base editor even before CoV (i.e. long before the sell off)

We heard very little praise back then for the editor, and got almost nothing but complaints. Our statistics showed that only about 10% of people used the base for anything other than a quick door to teleport around the rest of the world.

All of that is one reason we've been hesitant in doing it over again. We tried a new method with Hideouts in Champions, which seemed to be met with moderate success, but took a lot of work to build.

I've heard nothing about redoing ship interiors. My personal feeling is that there should be little customization on layout. If you have an Intrepid, you get an Intrepid class layout. If you have a Defiant, you get a Defiant class layout. But I think players should have control over a few different overall styles, textures, colors, and lighting. So all Galaxy Class ships would have the same layout, but you could choose from TNG style (beige, brightly lit) or 2409 style, or random style A, B or C. etc.

However, that is just my personal feelings on the matter, no work is being done on Interiors at the moment, and havent heard of it being added to the schedule at all. Plus, all of that would be a lot of work.
Now THIS sounds awesome! You keep that spirit up!
1) Having the proper interiors for each ship (or shiptype) would greatly enhance the general immersion of the game and would tremendously increase the "caretaking"-factor each player develops for "his/her" ship (This would also increase the potential of selling ship/ship interior-costimuzation in the C-store a lot...)
2) Having "standardized" interiors, i.e. a limited set of possible interior layouts, opens up the possibility of finally designing missions INSIDE of your ship.
3) Adding those interior sets as assets to the Foundry might take care of 2)... We'll see what happens with the Defiant and TOS sets once the Foundry's back up ;P