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# 724 Nothing TOO bad...
07-22-2012, 11:22 AM
There I Was...

I did a series of STF's over the last few days, nothing really bad happened except for one in which two PuGGers did nothing but fight and accuse each other...

Of probably 15 or 20 STF's that was the only one which contained ANY real communications.

As usual, I said 'HI' at the beginning, or '10% rule.' All but one with no responce at all.

It's usually a 'why bother' to say 10% rule because there's always someone who hasn't made it to the % section of the middle school math book yet or just ignored the math book all together.

There were at least three rainbow technicolor beam boats and/or at least one skittle boat in each instance.

And in about 1/2 the battles there was one or two who sat 30k or more off in the distance clicking need on everything that came up. No biggy, we're all used to the farmers.

On the way out I say 'GG' or 'Good Job' whether I really though it was good or not. Of all the battles I got about 5 or so responces. Mostly positive, one or two commenting about everyone being noobes.

No biggy. I wish I had a bad one to post but these were all wins with mostly lost optionals.

Like I say No Biggy....