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07-22-2012, 01:11 PM
Today, I went in to a PUG for CSN.

This is my group:One AFK, one tac in a Galaxy, one tac in a tac odyssey, one tac in a defiant.

I said hi to see if anyone is paying attention: no.

The Tac Galaxy went to the Kang, the Tac defiant went to the middle, and the tac odyssey went with me to the right. I called for the tac defiant to come help us, no answer. After awhile, I noticed there was a lot of mobs at the Kang. The Tac Odyssey blew up three times before he must have said screw it and went to help the Kang. Where this person blew up an additional three times. I finished off the cube, but got one shotted by a raptor.

I respawned and went to the Kang, which was done to 27% and swarming with BOPs and raptors. The Tac defiant was oblivious and destroyed the middle cube, which brought the Negh'vars. After destroying five ships successfully, to the protectors one, the Kang exploded.

All I got from the Tac Galaxy was I needed help, and I replied if you cannot destroy a pair of BOPs, you need to look at your config again. He told me that I was a noob. Ignored that person. That was the worst Cure experience I ever had.