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07-22-2012, 01:50 PM
I actually prefer mortars for KAGE, since it'll gradually pull the elites onto the main level. In fact, they generally arrive just as the top level is cleared out, allowing for a quick mop-up downstairs since the heavy and elite drones will have been killed. It just requires a team that is smart, and will allow the engineer to setup mines/bombs behind a shield after grabbing aggro from the elite. Far too many times people get pissy with me after I drop a shield in front of an elite, ignoring the fact that the elite was about to hit them with a charged blast.

So really, the mortars are beneficial to drawing aggro to the main level when you're with a good team that knows what to do. Otherwise, people rush off in all directions and get wiped, then suddenly every single mob is booking it towards the spawn. It all depends on the group.