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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
No, we built the super base editor even before CoV (i.e. long before the sell off)

We heard very little praise back then for the editor, and got almost nothing but complaints. Our statistics showed that only about 10% of people used the base for anything other than a quick door to teleport around the rest of the world.

All of that is one reason we've been hesitant in doing it over again. We tried a new method with Hideouts in Champions, which seemed to be met with moderate success, but took a lot of work to build.

I've heard nothing about redoing ship interiors. My personal feeling is that there should be little customization on layout. If you have an Intrepid, you get an Intrepid class layout. If you have a Defiant, you get a Defiant class layout. But I think players should have control over a few different overall styles, textures, colors, and lighting. So all Galaxy Class ships would have the same layout, but you could choose from TNG style (beige, brightly lit) or 2409 style, or random style A, B or C. etc.

However, that is just my personal feelings on the matter, no work is being done on Interiors at the moment, and havent heard of it being added to the schedule at all. Plus, all of that would be a lot of work.
Agreed! I actually think there's too much customization and I like your take but with two caveats; 1. We should also be able to choose from several styles for center seat and bridge seating & 2. If we can't choose the actual layout I'd appreciate it if the layouts were designed a bit more sensibly. Too many of them either enshrine the Capt. like an Emperor in a huge empty area in the middle or else look like someplace a ladies sewing circle might meet. The bridge needs to be a functional yet comfortable place where everyone goes to work everyday. The most comfortable and functional bridge available, now, is the TOS Enterprise bridge but the bridge from the Enterprise series was also a good layout as well as the new JJ Abrams bridge, IMO. Never cared much for the NextGen bridge, always looked, to me, too much like a bank lobby. I always thought that arch in back of Picard should be decorated with little pens on chains and Worf, smiling, asking "Would you like to open a new account, today?" - ROFL. As for the Voyager bridge... it always looked like something designed by someone's Political Action Committee on a bad day. Also most of the bridges need bigger central view screens.

It would also be nice if each basic ship style came with it's own deck layouts (crew, engineering, medical) etc. that were unique to that design. Again you could customize a bit, within limits, but the basic layout should be static for that particular class of ship.
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