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Originally Posted by aexrael View Post
I used to have a varied setup as well, until I started running the Enemy Neutralization kit more aggressively and it out parses the other kits by a fair margin.
I'm aware... again situational and flavor to taste

Word of caution here, the Split Beam tends to over aggro in Rebecca's room, especially when fired on the middle group of Borgs as it hits those standing at the rear. The M.A.C.O. rifle is recommended as secondary with Pulsewave Primary.
The essentials throughout the map is high damage at range, but you need to maintain high damage up close as well otherwise you risk not making the optional. And the Pulsewave has no equal at close range.
Read over it again... I switch out my split for a pulsewave.. I'm aware the split beam over aggros in the room... I use the sniper to remove ranged targets and pulsewave to knock targets into the plasma..and snipe becca

Also all the kit swapping during the mission means you need to wait for Red Alert to drop, this isn't that realistic in a good group because you'll constantly be moving and clearing. If you idle to wait for Red Alert to drop you aren't contributing to the team.
I know the timing and there are moments where it drops.. the room before the midboss you have a moment to switch before the borg activate.. another moment to switch back before you open the door.. also a moment to switch before you start Rebecca's room.. Never an issue even on fast moving teams...

I would advise against the Split Beam again here, it doesn't match a Pulsewave and all engagements on KAGE are close range.
The problem with the fabrication kit is the long cooldowns, squishy mortar(s), lack of focus fire, you randomly hit a lot of areas on the map risking over aggro as well, this just puts the team at unnecessary risk. Plus if you only spawn 1 mortar it'll never come even slightly close to the Enemy Neutralization in damage output.

The Engineer has no equal with the Enemy Neutralization Kits except for exceptionally good Tactical Players.
I've had no issues with my split beam fab kit combo on my way down to the room... its a matter of knowing what to pull and when not to use your secondary...

It's hard to ignore the potential damage you're missing by not using a split beam. The Maco bonus and all the the teammates using expose weapons. My Ferengi Engineer has hit exploit numbers in the thousands against exposed borg. My Ferengi Tactical has even more with his Antiproton Split Beam.

Even if I only summon one mortar.. it can hit for quite a bit of damage... the cooldown is only a minute and not an issue in my book..

My method works for me... I've seen tons of Engineers only use the bomb kits and feel the same way you do... I've even tried it myself.. not my style.. it feels constrictive
I'll stop kicking that horse when the bugs fixed. Until then as a paying consumer, I will voice my opinion.