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Originally Posted by lomax6996 View Post
It would also be nice if each basic ship style came with it's own deck layouts (crew, engineering, medical) etc. that were unique to that design. Again you could customize a bit, within limits, but the basic layout should be static for that particular class of ship.
Worf as a Bank Teller.

But yeah, when we were getting interiors for the first time, I was hoping they were accurate to the ships, but instead it was "one size fits all".

I would love to see us having interiors true to each ship, but realize the ammount of work hours needed would be rather lengthy for each ship type (don't need to be every single ship). Then what they told us that there would need to be a reason to justfy in focusing on ship interiors. Right now, there isn't much to do or reason to keep you on your ship more than a few minutes.

They did a great job with the TOS interior and the Defiant / Belfast Interior. I could see them doing the same for other ships as well. They don't need to map the entire ship, but like the show focus to certain decks.