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You made me very happy!

Thank you very much!

Originally Posted by kalecto View Post
I have promoted the following characters to Shadowcat Elite as they have been active in the fleet for 2 months, or proven themselves to be helpful, trustworthy, honourable and contributed to the fleet!

  1. Bagpuss
  2. H'Lon
  3. H'Saia
  4. Hairy Puss
  5. Kittu
  6. M'Rooo
  7. Phennoraka S'etta
  8. R'Ranurr
  9. R'Rrita
  10. Sh'ekko

He joined a day after you, OK considering he really does want a fleet ship that's available to him now and that he's contributed enough to have gained 40,750 fleet credits at this point he can have an early promotion, no problem.

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