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07-22-2012, 04:55 PM
I truly think one can't count lock box consoles as consoles for a particular side as they aren't easily accessible on all characters, they are one off character bounds.

I feel the KDF has better consoles for the most part but imo I feel it's overshadowed by the two point defence consoles on the Federation side. I use the phaser one myself on my Federation characters and boy does it pack a punch. The Klingons have nothing that comes close, where is the KDF Disruptor Point Defence Turret?

They get our fighter carriers, even our deck carrier so when can we get their photon and phaser turret consoles? Since Cryptic doesn't care about uniqueness of the factions (considering the Fleeters now have carriers and deck-carriers), bring on the point defence turrets for the KDF.
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