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Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
Does anyone can tell me why fed capatains have so much universal console? Look there
Usually fed captains say that klingon ship are cheating. I don't think so. In fact. Fed captains are cheating us! They have much (weak) ship. They have much (useless) unversal console. Every month fed captain get a new ship. Klingons don't get anything. It's boring.
I am less concerned about fed getting Uslots than I used to be.
As long as the feds do not get any vessel to match the BoP on Uslots.
We KDF have far less ships than the feds and the BoP helps us by being the gap closer in the difference.
As long as they have the more choice option our having the one ship with an all Uslot option is fair.
It only remains fair as long as that is the case. Anything change to thateans the BoP will need to have its handicaps removed

It also seems that i was mistaken on the subject of the thread. I agree that the feds have moreUconsoles but we KDF have consoles better suited to our playstyle.
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