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While growing up I use to love Hogan's Hero's dear, i think your are reaching a touch with that comparison. Reaching a good amount actually.

Klink is just slang, that existed long before STO. It is nothing but slang for Klingon.
Exactly, just like any other racial slur, although I guess racial slurs are okay as long as the poeple don't really exist right? I guess that makes racial slurs okay.
tugh DIvI'raj ram charghchu' wo'maj HoS 'e' vIlay'. bIQ borur Hoch. tera' wIDoqmoHmeH Human 'Iw wIlo' 'ej vulqan wISuDmoHmeH vulqangan 'Iw wIlo'. 'anDorDaq HIqmaj wIpol. 'etlhmeymaj bochmoH taHwI'pu''e'. nuch puj tlhIH. Hegh neH 'e' boqotlh.