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07-22-2012, 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by wilsoncutter001 View Post
I may have found the resolution to this problem.....

I too ran into the same issue that everyone else had during my first run. The one thing I remembered clearly was that the initial "report to captain Andrews" Ops message had never cleared thru the entire episode.

I decided to try a flow chart method to the mission. I will not go into great detail now as I want to complete the mission first but.... my initial findings suggest that you should not start the mission from sector space.

When given the choice, DO NOT select "Begin Second Wave", instead SELECT "Approach Deep Space 9".

When the DS 9 Space map loads, dock at the station as usual.

When you beam onto the station the OPs message asking you to report to Andrews will appear, at this time DO SELECT "Begin Second Wave".

ILYK how it turns out....
I noticed the same as well, the initial message doesn't clear from your mission log.

However in my about 7 tries yesterday, my first attempt was done like your final attempt.
I approached DS9, got some stuff from vault, put some stuff on exchange then started the mission. I guess you lucked out somehow