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Ok, so a while back there was talk that shortly after we got the DOff system the section heads feature would be rolled in. This is the feature that would let us set out First Officer, CMO, Chief of Operations, Chief of Security, etc etc etc. Any new word on that happening?

Along with that, on our fleet bases, any chance to get a system to the BOff system where fleet members can assign their extra BOffs to a station officer list and we can see them maning the various consols or walking around? And adding to that, the section head added to the bases too. All the regular ones the ships will get (some day) and extra ones like the officer of the watch position, diplomat positions and stuff like that? Give us something to do with all our extra BOffs. Make it so the fleet leader can set which levels in the fleet are allowed to place BOffs into the station BOff roster.

And to add one more thing in. BOff and also DOff storage for the fleet on star bases. Same thing as the fleet bank, only one it can hold BOffs and DOffs instead of regular items. Again, a way to get rid of the tons of extra BOffs we get.