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(What's with the 'punny' name? Look HERE for answers!)


NEW! - Bloodbath and Beyond is now an official member fleet to the Equator Alliance! Equator's allied fleets provide grouping, a busy, multi-fleet chat channel, and a home for your Fed alts, should you have the need, all with no obligation or requirement. Simply more to offer should you need it, without sacrificing our casual, no-pressure Fleet culture.

"Give us your laid-back, your time-poor. Your disparate lone players, yearning to build bases. "
- @Jnoh

Starbase at-a-glance: SB5 | M 5 | E 4+ | S 4 || Em3 | Dip 3 | Rct 3 || DM3 | T3 | D3 || Sp3 | R3 | O3

  • Fleet Level 17

  • Current: 31,000 Fleet XP, 250,000 Mil XP, 250,000 Eng XP, 198,250 Sci XP, 13,000 Starbase XP

  • A membership of over 240 characters across approximately 100 accounts, with 55 active in the last 7 days (35 active in the last 24hrs), while still maintaining a "small fleet" feel

  • All Starbase Featured Projects: Windows, Interior Decor, Targs, Ops Screens, Banners, Security, Fireplace, Bloodwine/bar, Morn/dancers, Conference Room, Works of Art, 2012 Winter Ornament, Fersian Staffing, Bat'leth Staircase, Uniform Mannequins.

  • All Embassy Featured Projects: Nanovs, Museum, Fish Tank & Lounge, Ops, Shuttlebay Roof, Ivy Vines, Dignitaries/Guards.

  • All Mine Featured Projects: Windows, Entrance, Business (workers), Motherlode, On Display, and Commerce.

  • All Spire Featured Projects: Balcony, Lounge, Omega Molecule, Banners, Holo-Fleet, Trophies, Command Room, Orrery.

  • Immediate goals: Filling Starbase Engineering V!!!

"Bloodbath, the guild for those who don't want a guild." - @HallowX
Bloodbath & Beyond was founded by a small, relaxed, and comfortable group of friends with a love of gaming and a desire to simply enjoy the games we play.

Keywords are no-pressure, casual, and tolerance.

Ventrilo Server: Fully paid, 32+ person server rented by yours truly. Willing to maintain a guild forum if needed. Vent participation not required! (But it really does help in STFs)

Beginning organized Fleet grouping for PvE content, including but not limited to Elite STFs for gear/rep, and other mark-reward content.

Enjoy random tells from strangers at least once a week laughing about and/or complementing your guild's name!

Your small fleet becoming dismayed by the long road ahead and losing faith? Join the club. Literally - We're happily taking in similarly-minded and similarly-tiered groups to the Bloodbath community. Don't let the casual recruitment fool you - if you're a handful of hardcore STF raiders, you can continue to be so. You run the STFs, we'll run the base. Just respect the low-pressure atmosphere and casual playstyle of our charter.

Romulans welcome!

KDF Alts welcome!

" 'Iw HaH je Hoch! " - @Frightfall

Generally older players, early 30s to early 40s and well beyond. Globally diverse (With representation from both Europe & North America, and more). I wouldn't exactly call us "mature" though... we're goofballs. Our members often found in other games, the core group of founders rarely lets a new MMO go by without at least getting into Beta. Ventrilo occupants can be found playing together and apart on STO, CO, APB, Civ 5, and Planetside 2 - even Pen-and-paper RPGs in Vent with IRC dice-rollers! Our "extended family" can be found across most AAA games. The majority (of this division) are in fact former SWG smugglers and scoundrels!

See sig below for contact! @Jnoh is online most evenings (EDT), send in game mail and your contact info will be guild mailed so someone can reach you even if I am not available.

[EDIT: For the sake of ensuring the most rewarding experience for all, please include something about yourself, your sto goals, and what you are looking for in a fleet. If we aren't the guild for you, we'll be up front about it, we want you to have the best time in STO you can! There is no "interview" or "application" process, merely hoping we can eliminate any unmet expectations from "go". ]

As the community has started to grow a smidgen, I've decided to start toying with Facebook's Page and Community functions: - group currently inactive
Again, these are experiments, so please bear with them as I muck about.
Wampaq@Jnoh, Fleet Leader: ..Bloodbath and Beyond 'Iw HaH je Hoch!
ALL HOLDINGS FINISHED! - Starbase 5-5-5-5 || Embassy 3-3-3 || Mine 3-3-3 || Spire 3-3-3
A laid back KDF fleet welcoming independent, casual, & part-time players and groups. Roms & alts welcome.
Send in-game mail to Wampaq@Jnoh, visit our recruitment thread and FB page for more info.

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