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07-23-2012, 04:43 PM
Yeah, I had bought the "Imperial" and "Maelstrom" skins, and while the parts I initially are intially equipped, I cannot change them without being unable to get them back, since they seemed to have been moved to being Fleet Ships.

I should -
1 - be given back access to what I purchased.
2 - If I can't get access back, be completely refunded for their now-Zen costs.

EDIT - I just re-logged into the game, literally immediately after posting this - I nowhave access to at least the Imperial costume for the Assault Cruiser. Going to double check on the "Maelstom" Fleet Escort Skin.

EDIT 2 - I do have full access to both the costumes I purchased for the ships. Before the initial post, they were not available. Is it all possibily related to that alleged "Database Issue" Cryptic was talking about?

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