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07-23-2012, 06:00 PM
Just got a 9 3 and no run.

For the first portion, the others traveled in a group and I gather got maybe 2 since I got the other 7.

Why are folks so deadset against using stealth in the second portion? As soon as I turned mine on, I started getting comments. They went short left and couldn't get it done while I did the other three with one death.

On the third portion, what triggers the force field to drop? There's another thread where the field drops just as soon at the captain is about 80-90% done so it makes it very hard to kill the captain. I;m wondering if I'm missing a trigger or something.

The group I played with pulled up short and dealt with all of the guards in front while I ran around the center taking care of those folks. The captain was already gone by the time the field dropped.

I had a 41 4 yes earlier today. Loved it.

edit: Oh and I see the lock box now as well. Not a clue as to how to get up there.
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