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07-23-2012, 07:36 PM
This past week.... after running CGE hundreds of times in the past, getting the optional with ease... taking out Armek in seconds (sometimes with four of us, or even just hanging back and dancing whilst fellow fleet members solo him )....

Well, it's all gone wrong. The jumping Borg, ok, they can be dealt with... but here's a short list of new problems:

1) turrets unable to be blown up or taking several attempts even when the activation has completed
2) the turrets themselves are moving away from their respective places i.e. actually sliding away from their positions!
3) The problem with AoE (pulsewaves)
4) Another activation issue, relating to freeing the captives and grabbing the samples (having to press repeatedly to get the bloody thing to activate)
5) Armek.... what the hell has happened to him to make him so bloody annoying? Pulsewave / medic tank / snipers - whatever method - I've been on very experienced teams and we've been getting one-shotted straight out of the gate and in some cases, I've had people give up completely and leave

I came to love Cure Ground Elite, my favourite STF due to its setting, the content and the fun of fighting Armek.

This past week... every single attempt I've had has failed due to people leaving, frustration, being unable to continue (due to the turrets not activating)... I just.... I dunno....

I'm sure people are gonna tell me how they've done it fine etc. but I don't know what to say. I rarely post on here but this is starting to make me look a little foolish in front of other people, both in-fleet and in-game and I'm just throwing this out in the hope that I'm not alone in experiencing these problems.

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