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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
Can alternate parts and skins (like the Vor'Kang) be used with the MU Battlecruiser, or it stuck with that yellow paint job?
Yes and yes

It's great finally being able to fly around in the Vor'Kang at end game! Great looking skin.

Supply and demand, yeah, likely less KDF players so less supply right there and when they do get it will likely keep it as it's one of the few ships KDF can get.

I got one in a box and opened it straight away just so I could have a new ship. If I get another it'll go on the exchange.

It's pretty good actually, only 36k hull though (I'm used to the heavier cruisers/ships) but the base 10 turn rate makes it nice and nimble. And since I'm specced 6 into thrusters to get my bigger ships turning, this thing has a base turn of 18! And with the Omega set gets it to 20! A cruiser... with a turn rate of 20... with no RCS

Has the same boff layout as the fed prime star cruiser (which I like as a boff layout, good mix for tanking).

With the nimblness and speed bonus (+10 engine power) I make good use of EWP and theta. Lay down some EWP, come about and overlay theta, come about and overlay EWP again whilst dropping aceton assimilator right in the middle of it all. mwahaha!
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