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07-24-2012, 12:37 AM
Originally Posted by baracuta View Post
LOL am I the only person here who sent a ticket and got a response? I told them to ask me questions to prove that this account is mine. I havent answered the questions yet since I only saw their reply today.
Somehow my e-mail address got changed to a non-existent ISP somehow. ie. instead of

I can not get the AG verification code e-mail to log in the game and I submitted a support ticked to change my e-mail address.

I was told to give them specific information on the support ticket, which I did and I'm still waiting for them to change my e-mail address.

I was thinking of canceling my "Gold" membership because of this, but I can't even log into the create/manage subscriptions to cancel without the AG verification code.

If I contact my bank to block any future charges, I have to pay a $49.00 fee to put a stop on the charge.

All I want them to do is change the bogus e-mail address to the correct one so I can play!