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07-24-2012, 09:27 AM
*sigh* Bump. I have repeated this mission 4 times now, and I get the same result as pretty much everyone else.

@trek21: It is a joke. True a 'heavily diplomatic mission' was needed but it surely didn't need the poor voice acting. Seriously. If they're going to do voice acting, get REAL voice actors and get an expert to write the script better. Otherwise, don't do it at all. Part where Kurland goes "Andrews? Andrews!" and then "Someone answer me? What's going on?" who ever did his voice fails. First Andrews is concern, then the second is more 'demanding' like, 'I gave you an order!' than 'Please say something!'. Honestly, Sisko would done the job 10xs better than Kurland.

Anyways, @wilsoncutter001: I am going to try what you suggest but I am going to spam the crap out of 'report to Commander Andrews' until the dam Initial message finally clears.