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05-04-2009, 07:02 PM
So much for My Efforts I guess ... 9 Months I have run spent money to maintain it per month, invited members of the community to join is (some have) I wrote 3 letters to Cryptic and several PMs and never got once single solitary response what so ever.

I even live 12 miles North of Cryptic HQ in Mountain View, CA offered to come in on a sit down personally and never got a response to that either.


But I've been totally slapped in the face, the knees an the gut ... thanks.

Btw the staff will be going to the early showing of Star Trek at the IMAX in our area at 7PM on Thursday. If you want details about the exact location and want to meet up send me a PM and I will get them to you.

This news pretty much kills .net and .org so it will probably be our last public meet up.

Thanks for those that met us in Vegas a few months back it was a blast.

A Big BIG Special thanks to for their continued support of

as Well as

We would have setup the Cryptic Dev Staff with all these things and the network would have been suited and catered to the success and advertisement of the game. The channels on the server would have been exclusively tailored to the Trek Gamer and fan base.

This news ultimately is a massive disappointment to my efforts.