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As a member of Jupiter force, i assure you we do the MATH and thoroughly test our opinions. In the case of beams for phased tetryon or polarized tetryons you might notice that the beams do 20dps less than MK XI rare tetryon, and as such the tetryon proc to shields is simply compensating for the overall loss of DPS by choosing the double proc weapons.

So based on the math, for 8 beams you are basically trading 160 DPS for -223.5 for a shield proc, and if you proc polaron or phaser, you actually lose that DPS, but if you go with something like Borg MK XII Tetryon you will hit for considerably more total DPS + proc making the dual proc weapons one of deminishing returns from the first volley.

Now some might say the phaser or polaron proc is worth it, but that is a choice, and 60 seconds of continuous fire will be a difference in thousands of DPS, a loss gap very unlikely to be compensated by the phaser or polaron proc.

And yes, i fly cruisers, my polarized tetryon testing is done on the Excelsior class, and my phased tetryon testing was done on my mirror universe battlecruiser using 4 DCs and 4 turrets - which is max proc rate and still falls short of MK XII Borg Tetryon in DPS over time.

But to each their own. Cryptic folks are very smart, they are selling a gimic with dual procs at MK XI Rare, not an advantage over existing options. In PvE gimics make very little impact to gameplay so no one cares, and in PvP gimics can sometimes be the reason you win, so people will use them. That doesn't make the math wrong though.

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