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I call them that - there the people - usually in omega or Maco gear(which I have too) who use stealth to run ahead a secure bonuses and leave everyone behind.

Fact is you don't need to do this - all you are doing is argoing the whole map!

You can go as far as the second computer download and not spawn anything further - as soon as you hit the second diplomat you will spawn the guys at the dying colonist - and if you continue to the dying colonist you will cause the guys around the second terminal to spawn

It gets really bad if 2 hot heads decide to run and let the other 3 deal with all the crap

In fact you get more marks by letting the colonist 'die' and beaming them up - but you are doing nothing positive by getting the 3rd diplomat and 3rd data download - as they can be taken out as a group

in fact everything can be taken step by step - but it is better to go as far as the second data download and get that - thats what I do - I take down the data at first terminal then proceed to tag the first diplomat and data download -then come BACK to help the group with the next spawn

of course trying to communicate this in a PUG has proven useless - except 1 time when I was PM'd and told that the deliberatly liked to screw people

ok - no problem - i have the solution to deal with runners who are effectively screwing the team - if the won't listen and I see them cloak or not and head past the second diplomat

this is what I do - and everyone should to stop this anti-team practice:

they pass the 2nd diplomat and head for the downed colonist - 5 guys will spawn - if you are cloaked you can make it to them and by them

option a) here's what to do if you also have cloak- tag the closest NPC in your range(around that 2nd colonist) and fire on them - then quickly run back around the corner to join the people left behind - the runner a$$ is grass even if they are cloaked in Maco top gear as all 5 NPC's will target them!! (I am still testing this as sometimes they will follow you - not something you want- so I am trying out option B more and see which is better)

Option B)If no cloak well then you have to run past them take all the fire - die quick and the NPC's will target the runner(you just respawn back to where the others are so it does not matter)

As I return to the group and help the rest of the team fight the battle all watch as the runner's futile attempt with heals, buffs, consumables to stay alive - 90%+ they die quick no matter how good they are - STF ground guys especially - poof!

Oh and then the have to respwan back at the beginning close to where the rest of the group is fighting the 2nd, 3rd and 4th spawed guys - which they brought down on us - and right where they should be as a team - no more running ahead then as its also insta-death

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