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05-04-2009, 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by Terrani View Post
This is the first I've heard of your I don't believe you advertised enough for it. I know the gamesurge IRC was posted in the discussion forum and later stickied. Not to mention being used for the new trivia contests. My advice for next time, speak up to the community a little louder, not just the devs.
But we did long time ago

see here:

I tried to get it stuck and I tried to invite people to it.

We even had 50 people in the channel the day that the game was revealed in Las Vegas,

Without a response from the Devs or Community Staff though people began to fall away quickly. I tried several formal channels. also the rules clearly state in no uncertain terms NOT ti advertise third party sites on these forums. We did not put a big neon sign out and about out of respect for the rules. I was still waiting on a more formal response.