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07-24-2012, 09:50 PM

I've been playing STO since launch, mainly solo with an occasional PUG experience, some good some bad. Spent a lot of time looking for a fleet but I just couldn't find any that I liked or who were active on the KDF side.

Recently I signed on to this fleet and do not regret it! I've been a member for a couple months now and am very glad I joined. Not only have I found some great companions in game, it has also has made my STO experience a lot more fun in general and something I look forward to again.

If you are a mature player looking for a casual group check out TOS Qan Mang. Don't worry... I won't hold it against you (too much ) if you like to occasionally slip over to the wrong side of town and play as a FED, the TOS Veterans fleet is available for you.

Sons and daughters of the Empire don't miss out on your opportunity! Answer the call to glory and join Qan Mang today!

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