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07-24-2012, 08:56 PM
After looking at the Tholian Carrier, and listening to a fleet mate when he had his, I can agree 100% that the Tolian Carrier is a Great Support Healer.

The Commander Universal at first seems like a good place for a Tactical officer slot with Perhaps Beta or Delta 3, Maybe a Faw or BO 3, Torp Spread or HY 3 for it's new Torpedo. But after flying it I have the following thoughts on it's abilities and with what it comes with.

First, the Tholian Thermonic Torpedo.

The only way to buff it's damage, is to use Universal Torpedo Buff consoles, Or Tac Officer or Tac Power Based buffs (HY, or Torpedo Spread). Also, if you use Torpedo Spread, it appears to possibly remove it's Special -15 (buffable with Flow Capaciters, but more below) to Engines and Weapons debuff effect.

Now it's Penality to Engines and Weapons Can be boosted with Flow Capaciters. How ever, even with a 207 Flow Capaciters, I could only manage a -30.2 and that is still at a 15% Chance. Making this Torpedo hardly useful in the current PVP with the nerfs to such attacks.

Next is the Tholian Tetryon Grid.
It's an interesting Feature. It boosts Energy Weapon damage for 8 seconds on the pets and any pets you have summoned will get the energy weapon boost. Also, the pets will then fire off a Tetryon beam attack at their target(s). The Beam is basically a Tetryon Beam Array fired from each ship. The damage the beams deal MAY be tied to your Weapon power, and Tetryon Consoles. The 2.5% chance to deal shield damage also shows it can be bolstered by your Flow Capaciters. Weither it actually is or is not remains to be seen.

The Tholian Widow fighters that the pet comes with are really cool. They use Tetryon Weapons and have Quantum Torpedoes. They spawn in 3's and have 2k Hull like Perigrine fighters. And they get boosted by the Tetryon Grid. How ever, the down side to the pets is they can ONLY be used on the Carrier. Other wise they are nice pets.

The Ship it's self is a Carrier. First and Foremost. It's Bridge officer set up is very different from the other Carriers before it as follows:
Ensign Tac
LtC Engi
LtC Sci
Ensign Sci
Cmd universal

At first glance, that Commander universal makes one go "Holy crap! That's OP" But then you remember.. this is a Carrier. The Commander universal can be used for many different options. You could use it to be more Tactical. Have more Sci Tricks like most Carriers, or even have more Engineering Tank and Buff powers.

How ever the best set up seems to be as a Backup/Support and maybe even a near main healer. Provided you remember how to use it's Turn rate.

Not really much else to say about this ship. If others have their own opinions and/or builds they want to share, feel free. Maybe I missed something about this ship. Other wise I'm not sure how PVP Worthy out side of what I've suggested this ship would be. If it were a Science ship instead it might have been more dangerous. But as a Carrier, it's hardly such.
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