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Originally Posted by jaxjaguars View Post
There is a fix coming up where after the colonist die, they disappear, no more beaming them up
Still there is tons of time to get to the 2nd colonist as a group - and its faster if everyone sticks together

the guys around the 2nd colonist don't spawn until someone gets into that area and then the "dying"' seems to speed up - and that last diplomat and computer download are safe until you get right into that zone - so these runners are Fing it up for what - to try to save a colonist they never can?

also on a pug I have only once in 200 runs seen someone save the last colonist - so why spawn the entire map if you can't make it? You just make it harder on the group - in order to save all 3 you need a team plan and the runners need team support - that is not going to happen on a pug - so they should not screw it for the rest

today I brought down a badass "maco elite commander" - the title he gives himself - 2x for trying to run the map with everyone else behind - if you did that on a elite STF run you would get a bad rep real quick(of course you would die quicker too)

everything depends on the teams abilities too - some groups - few - can handle it - also the NPC matters too - Jem Hadar are easy - but since most players don't have willpower maxed - if you do this with the Undine - it turns into a nightmare quick

Its education - if they don't listen to chat - or mesage boards - keep bringing them back to the start - hopefully they will clue it that the diplomat and data the were trying for is still there when the team gets to that point - so they won't feel the need to run the map. (and get the last colonist which is near impossible without support)

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