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07-25-2012, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by soleone View Post
1. Tetryon grid also buffs your team, if they are between you and your fighters. 33% extra Damage for 5 seconds!

2. Widow Fighters shoot mini-versions of Tholian Thermic Torpedos.. no Quantums here.

3. Torpedo Spread III procs seem to work.
While it is a nice buff option for the Tetryon Grid, I don't know how often in PVP matches you'll be able to buff the people you want to buff I guess with out putting them on BG mode.

Are you sure about those Torpdoes? They seemed like Quantums to me. If so then Tool Tip Error.

Were you able to test the Torp Spreads against another player to be sure.
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