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Hi darksided,

I was working off stowiki's Phased Polaron beam and Polaron beams or Polarized Tetryon and Tetryon pages for damage stats, can't find phased tetryon on there yet.

In all cases MKXI base dps for a beam array is shown as 168dps for the single energy type beam and the dual energy type beam. Is this incorrect?
If you're talking about after all your captain skills/powers apply, well that specific to your captain.
I'm just talking base dps numbers.

I'm not sure if your dislike is with the new dual energy/proc type weapons or the fact that some only come in MKXI rare versions.

Of course the MkXI rare's do less DPS then purple MKXII gear, less base DPS and one less modifier (Acc/Dmg/Crit). That's why we're asking for MKXII purple variants. So if you dislike them specifically due do being only MKXI and rare, I agree, I even said we need purple MKXII ones on page 2.

If you dislike the idea of dual energy types because you're sacrificing DPS. Let me put this to you.
For tankers and support craft I'd argue DPS isn't everything. They might want to focus on disables, shield stripping or power drains to soften enemies up for the tac heavy ships (like yourself).

I'm a tanker and run polarons (more recently phased polarons) on my KDF toon as I run a lot of energy drain stuff and so phased polarons synergize with that well (flow caps increase both proc types). My thinking isn't to have max dps (whilst nice to think about/have, that's for escorts and tac heavy ships) my role as a tank cruiser is to draw fire and take it. Running polarons to me seems like a good choice as it lowers the enemies power levels making them less effective against me, thus I can tank them longer or tank more of them thus fulfilling my role as tank.

I could see phased tetryons as a good choice for sci players skilled into disable type skills (viral matrix and the like) and shield drains.

I agree there needs to be MKXII variants of these dual energy type wepons to get the dps on par with other types but I don't think they're inferior or gimmicky when used correctly. Just better suited to those specialised in particular roles.
Like raw dps, plasma-disruptor hybrid for you might be best. Debuff and DoT procs. Imagine those as MKXII purples!

As Rare MkXI gear they're great. Compared to purple MKXII gear of course they're inferior. Less DPS and one less modifier ( CritH/dmg/CritD/Acc). If there were MKXII purple options available I doubt there'd be an issue.
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