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07-25-2012, 06:35 AM
I went back and looked. The phased tetryon is 20 dps lower than regular MK XI tetryon Rare. I'll take screenshots tonight. That 20 DPS across 7-8 weapons adds up quick.

Also, you can obtain polarized tetryon via the 2800 episodes for Klingons. I was unaware of this until last night, but apparently one of the missions rewards polarized tetryon cannons MK XI Rare.

Also, in calculations be careful of using weapons with DMG modifiers unless it is part of a store/consistently obtainable item. DMG modifier is inconsistent in lockbox items for phased tetryon, and using DMG weapons DPS can distort math.

Still, a good discussion! Lots of interesting discussion topics in this thread. The interest in the topic suggests a detailed segment on STOKed Radio is worth the time.