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# 36 One other thing...
07-25-2012, 09:48 AM

I don't know if your just gonna do separate charts for the Fleet ships for not, but one thing in Season 6 Dev Blog #16 might be of notice...

You may have noticed that we used to offer some ship class costumes in the C-Store -- we have pulled them from direct purchase in the C-Store and you can now only obtain them by acquiring the appropriate Fleet Ship. If you already purchased one of these ship class costumes, you can still access it. If a Fleet ship has a C-Store Counterpart, it can use any special item or costume the C-Store version came with.
Granted, this only affects the 6 freeibe ships (and any references to those costumes), but still that's another thing to be aware of for your Post-Season 6 updates.

Thank you for the time...