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Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
You don't fly cruisers do you? Beams are often the only way to go for cruisers with slow turn rates and only a lieutenant tac slot. You could go turrets but they're even less dps. Doubling the chance on procing something is worth looking into. More so if you're specced into energy weapon specialization.

And in cruisers you can deal with an army that gets to you, kinda the point of a cruiser.

Not proc enough? See dknight0001's post on page 2? 3 phased tetryons = 90% proc chance per volley. Add in 3-4 DHCs and you're looking at over 100% proc chance each volley. Definitely worth it.
Lower DPS? Versus MKXII, for the beams it's all of 8dps, the DBB's it's 10dps. For 6 beams that 48dps lost for 4 times the proc chance.
They said a 90% proc chance for turrets well like I thought and was confirmed after my last post there are no polarized tetryon turrets in game. Only polarized tetryon weapons you can get are Beams and DBBs.