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07-25-2012, 11:50 AM
I can't say that I disagree that the manipulation of money to make more money without actually producing anything should be abolished, one of the reasons why everything is so expensive is due to all of the middlemen that had nothing to do with it's actual production jacking up the prices of things, but it's legal now and we can either go with the flow and exploit it where we can or sit back and be overwhelmed by it.

In the game I think it's simply a matter that for those wishing to buy items on the exchange for the lowest prices just have to be quicker on the draw than those who plan to buy to mark it up, which really comes down to luck and timing, which is simply another facet of the game.

In a perfect world there would be no need of currency and we may get there at some point (although I'm sure the Rockefellers of the world would fight the process tooth and nail), everyone would get what they need and want and nothing would be unobtainable, there have never been examples of this taking place historically, those societies that claimed that everything was shared equally usually had a greater share being claimed by the political elite.

Back on topic I don't think that changing things in the exchange or the game economy would serve anything more than to inconvenience legitimate players.
The one thing that I notice with spammers is how quickly they seem to be able to create a character log on and bug a bunch of people then log put and delete that character before anything can be done about them, clearly they are using a hacked client that allows then to automate the process. A good deterrent would be some means, server side, that complicates the process of character creation and or character deletion. A legitimate player would only be slightly inconvenienced by the process, since they are going to be playing the game not hanging in the character creation screen, spewing out random new characters. A delay between how many new characters can be created or deleted, wouldn't be that big a deal for players but it would considerably put a dent in a spammers operations. A 24 hour delay to wait for a deleted character to disappear from a user account would give administrators 24 hours to track offending characters back to the account responsible should they choose to pursue that matter.

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