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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
I can't say that I disagree that the manipulation of money to make more money without actually producing anything should be abolished, one of the reasons why everything is so expensive is due to all of the middlemen that had nothing to do with it's actual production jacking up the prices of things, but it's legal now and we can either go with the flow and exploit it where we can or sit back and be overwhelmed by it.
I really think a lot of people in this thread (and in life in general) could benefit from Econ 101... makes me really concerned about what our schools are teaching in that regard these days.

Middlemen and 'money changers' may not produce anything themselves, but their investment into markets incentivizes production elsewhere. You cannot have legitimate trade without growth, even if middlemen are acting without actual production themselves. Their injections of capital into a market allow for a factory to buy a new piece of machinery, allow for them to hire more workers, or allow for a commodity to increase or fall to a price of fair market value.