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Originally Posted by aexrael View Post
People rushing on this mission clearly don't get the mechanics behind it and more often than not leads to multiple respawns making the team as a whole loose out on later objectives.
9 times out of ten these "heros" are wearing M12 Maco or Omega gear - I should go into an STF ground pug and start running around doing stupid stuff - and of course I would be told off - "you don't know what you are doing ahole"

they don't know what they are doing in Colony invasion

Today I did a run with no-one in maco/omega gear(technically not true as I keep the visuals disabled on mine - which I doubt many others who got the gear do - i just like my look without it)

anyways we stayed together - fought together as a group - section by section - got all 3 diplos/data/colonist - even the last one - on a PUG!

There is ZERO reason to run ahead - you argo the map - if you don't make it and get the 2nd colonist - 3rd data and last colonist - its lost 90% of the time as now you have spawned the map and no amount of cloak - droping the shard can get you back to the last section in time

Don't run ahead - stay as a team - just like ground STF