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Believe it or not, I am not against macros, but when it starts to effect my gaming experience it starts to bug. Plenty of legit reasons for using them, binding chat commands, abilities, but with the new grinding of Fleet Marks has come a flood of macro zombie ships. When I play during off times and there are no fleet members to do Fleet Events with I tend to queue up in the public queue and you tend to meet some good folks, but lately there has been another type the Zombie beam boat. With one Zombie, its been ok, we can get the objective done, its not that bad, when 3-4 or the ships are zombies nothing gets done. A friend and I went into a Mirror event, we had 2 Oddys and 1 Sovi with us, these ships started to follow us in Escorts/Science, some at top speed and one at a crawl. With in a matter of minutes, the lumbering giants agroed all of the groups and got themselves killed. It got so bad that we couldn't spawn with out dying in a few seconds, we tried to bold at top speed, but were quickly tractored and killed. In Alerts and the likes, we have ships shooting at nothing but fighters, even when the boss mob is up. These people are worse then the old Mirror AFKers, atleast a still ship doesn't agro everything. I try Zonechat, I try Teamchat, I try PMing, these people are not there, they are freaken ZOMBIES. No chance of communication, no chance of coordination, nothing gets done.

Please, try to get a response, find out if they are there or if its a pure script ship and if it is, please report them. These people are making events unplayable.
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