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I also have a question relating to the tholian bridge,will usable interiors be made of anything other than the bridge?it would be cool to go exploring the ship in an EV suit(thats if the enviro settings are as i think they are)

So what you're saying is that 2500(Minus bridge crew) Crewmen and -women are on the ship working, NONE STOP, in EV suits? :p I'm pretty sure it must be Roleplay style Retrofitted to make humanoids breathe and thrive in it, otherwise I doubt it'd be suitable for combat if everyone had to wear big bulky EV suits all the time.

Luls aside: I do agree, I spent A LONG TIME after I finally got my Sci officer to level 50 and ran around the bridge, trying to figure out how to either 1) Open the doors on the side and 2) Find out what those popup consoles at the walls did 3) How to get up to the other consoles! I expected an 800 Lobi crystal or 125 Zen a key with an already low chance to be obtained, ship to have MORE than just a bridge with fancy 1980s pop up car headlight consoles <_< Seriously.
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