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Went and tested this, and indeed, the yellow lights above and below the doors turn blue when you approach them.
I can see what look like corridors through the textured glass around the doors, future expansion?
Yes, I know what you're talking about now. I explained the hallways above (in short, without them, you'd see into space through that crystal texture).

The lights were supposed to accompany a negatory sound to indicate the doors were locked. I wanted some acknowledgement that you were trying to open the door, despite the fact that you cannot. So I put in the lights. Red/Green is pretty standard. Since this bridge was designed to feel more alien, I went with Tholian Yellow/Blue.

ETA: The consoles on the "walls" are intentionally all the same as those you have direct access to. My intent was that the tholians may have multiple input locations within the room, and each might be configurable for different purposes, but they are essentially all the same. This is also true with the smaller consoles located around the edges of each floor. Those were also designed to be interacted with from either floor.
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