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Originally Posted by echodarksided View Post
Now that is interesting. I did dual beams for comparison, but checked turrets as well as observed the pattern. Will dig deeper, thanks!
Yeah I'm 99.9% sure that the same mark weapons have the same base damage. Obviously if there's a DMG modifier in there it'll have more but otherwise they'll be the same. I'm thinking you're maybe comparing MkXI rare tetryons with MkXII purple phased tets? Or your phased tets have the DMG modifier in there.

I had a look last night between a Polaron borg MKXII beam array dps and the MKXI rare phased polarons. Once equipped on my ship and in a space combat zone the tooltip difference in DPS per array was about 10dps. (0.1 or so plus or minus, I can't remember which way), so really, for me anyway, the DPS loss isn't a huge amount (60dps for 6 beams) vs gaining 15% chance of stripping some shield.

On a side note, is there a dedicated STOKed radio website yet? All I can find is the youtube site and no audio downloadable versions.

I know Mav is still gearing up, but just wondering.
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