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Originally Posted by irobag520gl View Post
Ok I didn't see a separate forum for the Account Guard feature, so hopefully this is the right place. Not sure mine is working right. As I understood it, if you use the same computer to play it was a one time thing to enter your code. Well my account now has 1 saved client and 4 saved browsers, all with the identical IP.

Am I missing something? As I say, I thought you entered it once and were done with it. Also, what's the deal with it saving the IP over and over when that never changes? If it's saved why do i need to keep entering it? Hopefully someone can explain how Account Guard works.
You'll have to enter the code for the website at least once per browser, plus once for the launcher (which uses Internet Explorer).

Because it's a cookie-based system, anytime you clear cookies, you'll have to re-add your computer. Manual cookie clearing, setting the browser to delete them, or using something like CCleaner to manually or automatically clear your browsers will result in having to re-add your computer. This is how you end up with multiple entries for the same computer with the same IP.

I just turned Account Guard off. For the limited security it provides, it's not worth the hassle to me.
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