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Originally Posted by kdr37 View Post
Hi Liz. I've only been around for a few days longer than you, so...ya're not alone.
But, born in '92, you say? I have a bottle of Scotch that's as old as you (you can imagine a non-Scottish Scottish accent there if you like ). You've also made an early-middle-aged man feel very old, so thanks for that! lol.
Hello!! Glad you found my posting!

At least I'm not alone anymore. YAY!

(Oh yes, at this moment, I can actually picture Scotty saying something like that. Him and his scotch.....AND sandwiches. ;P )

Awe, well, I wouldn't feel old, the only ones old, are the deceased. No disrespect to those who have passed.

I hope to get to know you on here and anywhere else you may be. I'm on twitter, and I finally have my own website that's Everything Star Trek.

Live Long and Prosper new friend.

Live Long and Prosper

=^= ElizabethKirk =^=

To Boldly Go.