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07-25-2012, 11:18 PM
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Have you tried Options > Force Verify and let that complete ?

You can try disabling on demand patching and see if that helps too.

You can try logging into another character, lower the video/graphic effects, and then go back and login to the trouble character to see if that helps.
Read the whole thread? Done pretty much all of that.

Force verify does nothing whatever. Same issue persists with same texture not decompressing correctly. Only thing that seems to affect it is completely deleting and re-downloading the HOGG files for textures. But often a DIFFERENT texture file will start failing...

On demand patching or no on demand patching does nothing. A corrupted texture is a corrupted texture whether you downloade a 100MB of textures or 3GB. The question is WHEN and WHY was the texture corrupted? At time of download? After the fact? Is it actually a corrupted texture or is it an error in the decompression routine? Probably the former as it seems to error on different textures after re-downloading HOGGs...