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07-26-2012, 12:31 AM
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So... Can you reproduce the issue on another machine.... If it is a coding issue, then it must be reproducible on more then a single machine...
It's a slightly maddening error. It seems to be machine specific, but it's unclear exactly WHAT associated with a specific machine is causing the issue, whcih is why we've been going round and round with it for months.

At my friend's house, their old machine which wasn't designed for STO but runs it (poorly) has NO ISSUES, while the new machine purchased specifically to run STO is the one having issues.

Both are plugged into the same wired Frontier FIOS router. Both run Windows 7 64-bit. One's an eMachines (old one). One's an ASUS (new one).

Again, don't know what the issue is, have gone through any number of troubleshooting steps over the last few months... It was good for a while but is now back to misbehaving...