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Originally Posted by colonias2 View Post
I keep seeing people concerned about the two week window of completing their current special project AND this one but the way I was reading it... you only need to START the project in this two week window and can then work on it for as long as you like

I wouldn't be too concerned as I'm sure these may be repeated (hopefully) in the future for new fleets / fleets that missed out
You then get backed up with the special project following it though. You can only run one of them at a time. Push the first one back and you'll start pushing them all back until you lose one.

edit: I have to admit that I only run a single character with a klingon that I haven't played on months (I can't deal with the red UI. Get headaches in under five minutes from it) I hadn't been using any dil farming or contraband dumping alts. That personal policy just got changed.
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