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07-26-2012, 06:01 AM
So, I've not been playing STFs for too long, but recently had my best and worst experiences on the same day!

Bear in mind, these are both Normal, not Elite, Ground STFs.

Worst experience; Queued up and got dropped into Cure. As I've come to discover, no chat, folk just doing things and or using aim mode to shoot at random places to get peoples attention. What is up with that?

The team leader wanted 2 of us to guard points 1 & 2 of the transformers for the 2nd sets of turrets. Fine, nae bother, we'd done it for the first one with no problems with different folk. However, the pair of us that guarded had mainly outfitted ourselves with a mixture of weapons (pulsewave backup each to an other rifle - sniper rifle in my case), and seemed to be the ones with the bigger DPS, as the turrets failed to be despatched on time first time.

Team leader shouts out to see if anyone feels like rage quitting, to which I replied 'no, not yet'. After all, it could be the first time someone's done the STF, and they may be too terrified to say so. Anyway, we get the first turret of this set down, then the second.

Then, oops, the clock ran out for the transformers, so the turrets respawn and it's back to the start of this section. Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth from our team 'leader' and they promptly quit. One person asks whether it's doable, and whilst I'm writing a reply quits too. I die, and watch the final pair from my position on the floor whilst waiting for the respawn timer. Turns out neither had brought a remodulator, as I see each of their shots getting absorbed by the borg. I ask if they brought a remodulator with them (intending to replicate a couple and pass them over). No reply.

Minutes pass. I die again. At that point I decided to quit, as it could be considered impossible at that point, particularly with the jumping/levitating Borg that even though they're 10metres away from the transformer you've activated seem to get up and immediately shoot over to the transformer...

In contrast, best STF so far: Infected. A thoroughly slick team, that knew pretty much exactly what to do. Mixture of weapons and weapon types, plenty of team buffs being applied, people taking on roles quickly (distract the main borg groups, secure the Starfleet personnel). Got the optional, and took down Rebecca with only 4 of us (we'd managed to charge ahead of one guy such that the barrier came up to Rebecca's chamber before he'd gotten in - doh! Our bad), and no deaths on the team.

Main differences to the previous tale - a team that communicated, and had clearly done it before. First person that spawned in the instance said hi, everyone replied, a couple of jokes were made, and the atmosphere felt much more relaxed. When it came to securing the hostages, everyone on the rescue duty knew exactly where to go in each room, and used pulsewaves to knock back the Borg. Boom, job jobbed, as they say.

Oh well, only 101 EDC until I can afford the full MACO ground set (got the Mk X PSG last night as loot from that Infected runthrough, which was nice but I'm aiming for Mk XI). And another 120 to get the full Omega. Then maybe I'll start thinking about Elite...


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